What Inspires Me: Neighborly Portraits in Mexico

What Inspires Me: Neighborly Portraits in Mexico

The New Yor Times Photo-blog “Lens” has a visually stunning posting today of available light b/w portraits shot by photographer Russell Monk.

The exquisite light comes from overhead north light it seems and the use of his skills with a minimalist equipment setup only shows more that skills, not tools make the image.

Each image is a fantastic moment in time captured to reflect the uniqueness of each subject.

Ponderings on a Chilly Autumn Morning

Have we as photographers become so enamored with all that is digital, that we’ve lost a part of creative selves in the process?

Has the true craft of slowing down with a very limited number of shots available at a time when we were shooting analog based images given way to the pray and spray mentality that so pervades digital photography as it exists today?

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