NAB 2012: The State of Newspaper Video

The state of newspaper video moderated by Sean Samuels of Hungry Eye mag with Chuck Fadely of the Miami Herald, Duy Linh Tu, professor and director of digital media at Columbia Journalism School, Matt Allard of Aljazeera and Dan Chung of The Guardian and DSLR News Shooter is discussed in this video recorded at NAB 2012.
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Journalist or Activist? Why Not Both?

A compelling question we need to ask ourselves. What if we are both of these labels and due to a cultural bias imposed by others, we are made to feel we have to be one or the other?

Maybe it’s time to consider ourselves as both Journalists and Activists – where else would we find the passion to tell those stories that drive us to do what we do?

The Micro Documentary Paradigm Shift

A major epiphany took place for me a few months back.

My mentor David Dunkley-Gyimah described it this way:  Journalism wins Emmy’s, Documentaries win Academy awards.  Journalism finds stories and presents them at a surface level.  Documentaries tell stories and go more in depth.

I no longer call what I do as solo video journalism.  I’m a micro documentary filmmaker.

As a result of this shift, I’m attending an online film school in my spare time to refine the craft of documentary filmmaking.  I’m going to utilize the skills of what I’ve learned about the solovj paradigm – ie; working self contained, and apply it to shooting short, or “micro” documentaries.

The learning process for full on documentary production is way beyond my experiences in journalism, but by the end of this journey, I will come out more knowledgable around the complete process of producing documentaries for clients that will take the level of quality up several notches

I’ll post more as I go thru this new journey.

Welcome to the Micro Documentary Paradigm