Journalist or Activist? Why Not Both?

A compelling question we need to ask ourselves. What if we are both of these labels and due to a cultural bias imposed by others, we are made to feel we have to be one or the other?

Maybe it’s time to consider ourselves as both Journalists and Activists – where else would we find the passion to tell those stories that drive us to do what we do?

Resources For Previsualizing A Multimedia Story

When Photographer Ansel Adams would come to a scene, he would begin the mental process of previsualizing the scene he was about to capture via analog film.

Although he was capturing a single moment in time, the process of developing the skill of previsualizing a story – no matter if it’s through stills, audio, video or a combination, is a critical muscle to develop and work on a regular basis. Continue reading “Resources For Previsualizing A Multimedia Story”