The True Cost of Producing a Video Project

When a client balks at the cost of producing a serious project that is telling their story I try to explain as best I can what is entailed with producing a quality piece for their needs.  It seems especially shocking to those who are involved in the non-profit and NGO sector which are the areas I target my services to – and tend to have the biggest issues with having the budgets needed to produce quality stories that they want for their organizations.

I came across this post on RebelUnit that breaks it down in a simple infographic. Continue reading “The True Cost of Producing a Video Project”

Follow Your Heart and Believe

@HurlbutVisuals – “It is also important as an artist to be selective, to not just do the first thing that comes in front of you. This is where the 50 year old rule is practiced. I have made this mistake a couple of times in my journey as a cinematographer and I will not do it again. You have to follow your heart and believe in your ability and the longevity of your career.”

Audio Is A Critical Piece Of The Puzzle

within the past week, I’ve come to realize just how critically important the quality of audio recording is to the success of producing quality multimedia storytelling projects.

The quality of audio that comes from NPR’s daily stories is in my opinion, astounding in how well audio itself is used to let the listeners minds eye see what’s happening, purely by the use of audio and how it’s edited/produced for the final story. Continue reading “Audio Is A Critical Piece Of The Puzzle”