What Inspires me: Great Wooden Boats by Philip Bloom

[vimeo width=”681″ height=”285″]http://vimeo.com/26287132[/vimeo]

What Inspires me: Great Wooden Boats by Philip Bloom

Shot on Red Epic, this is a great piece of storytelling with the subject telling his story and the visuals adding to that.  This is a nice micro documentary profile piece on a little known art and craft.

My only issue is the 2.35:1 aspect ratio.  For me it’s awkward to watch due to the extreme horizontal format, but otherwise a well done piece.

OWN using HDSLR for part Of Network Series

The Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) has released a teaser for their new series “Master Class” on their website.

The video shows that the B-camera in the production of the series appears to be done completely on Canon DSLR’s with Redrock Micro support rails, matte boxes, Follow Focus and their new EVF – The full teaser in MP4 format can be downloaded and viewed from the OWN website at http://goo.gl/2sUIm.  Primary A-Roll camera is confirmed to be using a Red camera.

In QT player, you can clearly see the setups at TC 1:30 and 2:29.

The camera at timecode 2:39 shows the RED as the primary camera.

The image quality is outstanding as I originally saw this teaser on cable with a HDTV and went searching for the web version of the teaser.  The image quality more than held up to “broadcast” standards – especially intercut with the RED footage  I’m curious as to their post production workflow as well.

With all the money there disposal, this is a major announcement to prove DSLR video is really ready for broadcast.