Documenting Your Own Back Yard

“…you don’t have to travel across the globe to experience new things. Your own backyard is the farthest place away to someone else on the other side of the world.” ~Joey L – Photographer

Photo by Joey L

As a self trained photojournalist and editorial photographer, I’ve been privy to many of my colleagues lamenting/believing that if they could just photograph/document someplace else, they would have a better understanding of the world and a better portfolio…

I don’t fully agree with that belief.

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Follow Your Heart and Believe

@HurlbutVisuals – “It is also important as an artist to be selective, to not just do the first thing that comes in front of you. This is where the 50 year old rule is practiced. I have made this mistake a couple of times in my journey as a cinematographer and I will not do it again. You have to follow your heart and believe in your ability and the longevity of your career.”

There Are No Small Decisions In Photography

Photographer Richard Kelly (@richardkellypho) expounded upon Director Sidney Lument’s original quote in a recent posting on the ASMP’s website:

There are no small decisions in (Photography).

This to me summarizes all my decisions from art, to craft to commerce. Every action has a consequence, or a purpose or a reason. Whether in the frame, in the concept, in the production or in the budget. If not, get rid of it, move it out of the way, or hit delete.

I live by this quote everyday.

This perspective is what’s given me a new compass point that’s driving my art & craft as a result of this and the concepts David Hobby (@strobist) has in his own photographic work.

My thanks to both of these talented photographers.

The blog posting and comment thread over at “Documentary Tech’s” really provide a solid reason to quit chasing technology and use the tools at your disposal to create something compelling. In my work, shooting Canon t2i DSLR video has been life changing in the vision of my work.  I’ve also come to understand why now broadcast is still stuck with using small sensor vidcams.  Noticed over the weekend at some shows that being able to have everything in focus can save your bacon if you haven’t nailed the focus.  But it also looks boring – at least to me it does. These tools are just that – tools.  It’s the operator, the eye behind the tool, that creates the vision.

Why I dropped the Red Scarlet Dream and Got a DSLR