Learning To Adapt Lest I Perish

With all the banter of cyberspace and it being a critical component in marketing my photographic and multimedia storytelling work, I had become so focused on that boring aspect that I have begun to lose my love for the one thing I knew I wanted to do since the age of 15 – be a visual content creator.

Then I found the guidance I needed – Through the website Craft & Vision.

Before having come across Craft & Vision’s Website, I had begun to feel like I was treading water against the current of the ever increasing flood of information and what not and was being swept downstream with no way to stop the direction I was headed.

I come from the old business school, so to speak, of photography.  You met with a client – ie; Art Director, Ad Agency, Editor, etc, showed them your book, and dealt with them directly.  The industry has changed since that time (I’m talking mid-late 90’s).  Now it’s about developing relationships in cyberpsace, using social media, twitter, Facebook, building a tribe aka Seth Godin, etc.

Through Craft & Vision’s e-book offerings, I found two e-books where each one was a very affordable $5.00 that have helped get me refocused and centered to realize I have one of two options – Adapt Or Perish.

The first e-book is “Growing The Vision Monger” by Corwin Hiebert.  The second more recent one is Corwin’s “Your Creative Mix”.

As I’ve learned in this new world of visual content creation, change is not easy – or comfortable.  Old habits die REALLY hard.  I’ve been struggling with unlearning how I use to do things and adapting to this new world of photography as it is today.

Corwin’s e-books have helped me get my love for photography – and multimedia storytelling – back on track.  I still experience that internal resistance around it as it still requires me to continuously unlearn these ingrained old habits moment by moment.

In this process, I realized I don’t know what else it is I would do – so I HAVE to make this work.

How badly Do I REALLY want to make this work?

You have no idea!