What Inspires Me: Undamming The Elwha River

I’m stoked that one of my mentors, Michael Werner (@mwerner1) & Multimedia Journalist Katie Campbell (@KatieCampbell), have produced a 30 minute documentary entitled “Undamming The Elwha” in collaboration with KCTS and EarthFix. Continue reading “What Inspires Me: Undamming The Elwha River”

NAB 2012: The State of Newspaper Video

The state of newspaper video moderated by Sean Samuels of Hungry Eye mag with Chuck Fadely of the Miami Herald, Duy Linh Tu, professor and director of digital media at Columbia Journalism School, Matt Allard of Aljazeera and Dan Chung of The Guardian and DSLR News Shooter is discussed in this video recorded at NAB 2012.
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Recent Project – Lamare Guitars

[vimeo width=”680″ height=”382″]http://vimeo.com/39162572[/vimeo]

The Owner of Lamare Guitars, Paul Weaver, commissioned me to tell his story of the process he employs in creating his handmade guitars. Utilizing hand tools only, he wanted to showcase and tell his story of what is entailed in the process of creating each guitar that he creates for his clientele.

Shot on Canon DSLR and all post production done in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 and Audition 3.0

What Inspires Me:  Flying Rhinos by Green Renaissance (@GreenRenaissanc)


What Inspires Me:  Flying Rhinos by Green Renaissance (@GreenRenaissanc)

Gorgeous footage, great camera work, tight editing, great audio.  Need I say more?

This is how video for the web should be produced.  Tell the viewer a story with a REAL purpose, not the pablum most deem “important”

‘nuff said.