Turning a feature story for print into a powerful web doc is almost impossible

Shooting a series of stills for a magazine is so much different than shooting stills for a multimedia piece. Turning a feature story for print into a powerful web doc is almost impossible… if you ask me…

…Photojournalism has changed incredibly over the past decade and in many ways we have been bombed back to Year Zero. The thing is that most of us have been forced to reinvent ourselves as visual storytellers and for many (including me) this transition has not been easy.

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Journalist or Activist? Why Not Both?

A compelling question we need to ask ourselves. What if we are both of these labels and due to a cultural bias imposed by others, we are made to feel we have to be one or the other?

Maybe it’s time to consider ourselves as both Journalists and Activists – where else would we find the passion to tell those stories that drive us to do what we do?

Audio Slideshows are the Thinking Person’s Video

Audio Slideshows are a highly effective, contemplative medium that, like all of the best forms of journalism, could open someone’s eyes up to thinking about a topic in a different way. Whereas video has become a very common place medium, used to convey the facts of what is happening in the world in a very practical, perfunctory way, a slideshow elevates the subject matter to a slightly different status. In this way, creating a slideshow is a bit like portraying something in a photographic exhibition…

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