Community Visual Journalism is needed now more than ever

“…you don’t have to travel across the globe to experience new things. Your own backyard is the farthest place away to someone else on the other side of the world.” ~Joey L – Photographer

I’m reiterating this again…

Yes, it’s been awhile since I posted last – As David Hobby has said:

I don’t want to be a full time blogger who also does photography…

But over a year since the last posting?

Yeah, I know…

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Don’t Waste My Time

If you consult with me, tell me you want to do business and you want to get started right away – that’s great, but don’t waste my time, pick my brain for information I’ve developed over years of professional experience and then put the project on “indefinite hold” (sarcasm mine), or worse, go to a competitor because they’re less expensive.

No wonder the photographic profession has become so difficult to make a living at anymore.

It seems people only want what is cheap without regard for the quality of the work one can produce that only comes through years of professional experience.

Douglas Kirkland

I understand the world better by looking at it through a camera. I look at the everyday world around me, I look at the work of other artists, I listen to great music. Being alive is being inspired.

Why I Don’t Like Flash Based Portfolio Sites

Stepping on my soap box for just a moment here – It seems ironic to me that so many photographers, who tend to be mostly Apple Mac users, would build their photo portfolio websites in Flash – a technology Apple’s founder Steve Jobs has made clear is something Apple will not support on iPad/iPhones.

Yet photographers continue to be enamored with companies that provide template based Flash driven websites for photographers.  Not only is Flash crippled on Apple’s devices, it’s not a very friendly way to display your work IMO.  Try viewing a flash based site on your iPad from companies that provide a regressed html version – the site is a mangled mess.  Not a very professional way to present your work.

I was even contacted privately by the CEO of one of these companies that specializes in developing flash based websites for photographers, stating that they offer a regressive feature to view a website in html4/5 – albeit not maintaining the look/feel of the flash based version.

My question is simple – Why does there have to be two different environments to showcase a site?  Why reinvent the wheel when it’s much simpler to just develop in one environment that is completely standards compliant and cross platform viewing compatible – and do it right the first time around?

With web standards like HTML 5, jquery, Photoshelter integration with WordPress & Graph Paper Press Themes, why would anyone choose to use Flash to develop their photo portfolio based site is beyond this photographer – who happens to use PC’s running Windows 7 and has Android based wireless devices?

Even though I could use Flash, doesn’t mean I should – or would.

I may piss off a few people in this process, but seriously – I’m just one tiny voice in the enormity of cyberspace – no one pays attention to what I have to say…

Or do they?