The Visual Storyteller Podcast Episode One – Welcome

Olympus Pen-F for documentary photography Cliff Etzel

So here I go dipping my toe into the waters of podcasting.

The premise?  A podcast dedicated to documenting the human experience of local communities and families from a visual storytelling perspective.

I’m a visual storyteller, but the ability to impart information in other mediums has a place for visual content creators like myself.  So why not bring awareness to a return to authentic, REAL visual storytelling – documentary photography, reportage… whatever you want to call it.

The digital realm today has produced a false reality through the tools of Photoshop and other image editing tools.

I come from the days of shooting film, and the tools we used to “manipulate” what we saw in the wet darkroom amounted to burning and dodging a black and white print, and using spotone to remove dust spots on our finished prints.  Maybe some photographers used chemical toners, but after that, what you saw was what you got.

Today’s photographers alter reality for the sake of “art”.  If you’re an artist, then say so from the outset and don’t portray your work as being unmanipulated (very much).

We need a return to the authentic, the real.  It means having an internal compass of honesty and integrity in our work.

This is what I hope to accomplish with podcasting.

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