Myth: Making a film is expensive

Filmmaking Myth: Making a film is expensive

Story & Heart has run a blog posting about 8 Myths that filmmakers need to ignore.  I’m going to be posting them one at a time intermittently over the next several days.

I’ve been offender #1 in believing this myth.  Believing this myth has taken over a year out of my project due to feeling as though I couldn’t tell the story I have wanted to tell.  The reality is that this myth paralyzed me from moving forward on the project and suppressed any inspiration to keep moving forward with it.

No longer.

Here’s what Story & Heart has to say about it:

You don’t need the latest gear to make a film. This is all you need: the gear you have right now and your friends.

But if for some reason your story calls for a piece of gear you don’t own, rent it.

Budget should never silence a great story. Don’t let it silence yours.

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