The True Cost of Producing a Video Project

When a client balks at the cost of producing a serious project that is telling their story I try to explain as best I can what is entailed with producing a quality piece for their needs.  It seems especially shocking to those who are involved in the non-profit and NGO sector which are the areas I target my services to – and tend to have the biggest issues with having the budgets needed to produce quality stories that they want for their organizations.

I came across this post on RebelUnit that breaks it down in a simple infographic.


The interesting surprise here is that creative (Idea generation along with script and storyboard) are nearly 50% of the time/money cost in a project. Anecdotally, I would have expected the skew to be more 30-70 or 40-60 skewed towards most time spent actually producing the content. The moral of the story…Good ideas are hard to generate (and expensive!)

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