Slow Down & Listen

A great quote from @kinfolkmag: “Our frenzied forms of current communication have nearly done away with the need for patience in conversation and correspondence, but our older and wiser predecessors are more practiced in the art of listening. Give your aged neighbor the gift of your ears: Ask for a story with the willingness to pay full attention, no matter how tangential the tale may become.”

Although unrelated in it’s original context, it does bring to light the mindfulness of what it is we do as storytellers.  We’ve become so short in our attention span that we neglect to experience what it means to slow down mindfully and truly absorb the wisdom of those who came before us.

As a multimedia storyteller, I had left this genre’ due to feeling like this form of work didn’t matter.  I left it for over a year and came to realize that I had made a grave error in judgement.
Now it’s time to come back to what it is I truly love to do as a storyteller.

As my mother once said to me:

“You have an insatiable curiosity of the world”.

It’s time I put that back into practice.

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