Twitter Chat from Duckrabbit

@duckrabbit is one of those entities that has brought multimedia storytelling to the forefront.  As I fired up tweetdeck this morning, I came across this twitter chat thread and felt it was important to post:


  1. When we started duckrabbit there was so much naval gazing about the death of the photograph. No point making multimedia cause no-one pays.
  2. Glad we ignored the advice. duckrabbit currently have 6 films in production and a primetime network TV advert. Get trained. Have a go.
  3. Because the market for telling stories in a compelling, authentic and honest way is huge. You may just need to persuade yourself first.
  4. And its been delicious, inspiring to see people we’ve trained get commission’s and pick up awards. Hinterlands is great place to start

Benjamin Chesterson is a part of duckrabbit and has been a source of inspiration to me in my  pursuit of multimedia storytelling.  His advocacy of audio slideshows has been the primary reason I’ve revisited the process as a cost effective way yo present stories for my clients.

If you’re not following them on Twitter and reading their blog on a regular basis, I highly recommend you do so.


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