Choosing a Graphics card for Premiere Pro CS5.x

Using Adobe Premiere Pro has typically entailed using an overly expensive video card – or so Adobe would have users believe.

You don’t HAVE to use an expensive nVidia Quadro or upper end consumer nVidia based graphics card – if you know what you’re looking for.

Video card pairing to your editing system entails looking at your existing motherboard and CPU and determining which video card to use.  This linked article goes into great detail that is eye opening about how to go about selecting a graphics card and provides real world standardized benchmarks to show some differences in video card performance on systems using Adobe Premiere Pro.

(External link to article here)

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  1. I feel your pain…and not knowing what you know, most likely did overspend. Oh well…past is past, but at least I now know for the future.

    1. Actually Cyndy, I’m in the process of researching which card to upgrade to. I have an older quad core desktop that is still quite snappy for the most part. Premiere Pro is bottle necked when using the Mercury Playback Engine due to the lack of CUDA cores my current nVidia graphics card has (only 48 cores).

      Based upon the article, a minimum of 96 is needed to see the real benefits of the Adobe MPE (Windows 7 64 Desktop) so I’m looking at the various options and seeing what my finances can endure 😉

      **Update – Found a great deal on a Fermi based nVidia GTX550 1GB card that came in at $100 after promo code and rebate. That will help things for sure given it has 192 Cuda cores versus my current nVidia GT-220 which has 48 Cuda Cores**

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