BBC’s Tim Davie says radio must offer more visual screen-based content

The BBC‘s Tim Davie has seen the future of radio – and it is screen-based.

Davie, the BBC’s head of audio and music, said it was a “real priority” that the industry established itself on smartphones, tablets and other portable devices and offered creative visual content to attract younger listeners.

“With some regret we are moving to a screen world,” Davie told Absolute Radio‘s Redefining Radio event in Westminster on Thursday. “Radio needs to accept that and get on with it and enjoy it.”

Journalist or Activist? Why Not Both?

A compelling question we need to ask ourselves. What if we are both of these labels and due to a cultural bias imposed by others, we are made to feel we have to be one or the other?

Maybe it’s time to consider ourselves as both Journalists and Activists – where else would we find the passion to tell those stories that drive us to do what we do?

Microphone Test – Controlled Studio Environment

Ever wonder if the choice of microphone you use makes a difference in audio quality?  What about the audio recorder you use – is there a difference for those of us on a tight budget?

I decided to find out myself with a little test I put together with the mics I have on hand that I’ve used since I started doing multimedia journalism.

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