Resources For Previsualizing A Multimedia Story

When Photographer Ansel Adams would come to a scene, he would begin the mental process of previsualizing the scene he was about to capture via analog film.

Although he was capturing a single moment in time, the process of developing the skill of previsualizing a story – no matter if it’s through stills, audio, video or a combination, is a critical muscle to develop and work on a regular basis. Continue reading “Resources For Previsualizing A Multimedia Story”

The Struggles as a Self Contained Multimedia Journalist

I’ve been a solo shooter as far back as I can remember.  Being somewhat of a control freak, I want to manage all aspects of the work I shoot/produce, and that includes the video end of things.

I can only do so much and still keep the quality standards high.

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The never ending treadmill of camera upgrades

I have a SERIOUS bone to pick with spin doctoring ad wizards and their never ending quest to convince shooters that they NEED/HAVE to upgrade to the so called latest and greatest cameras – all in the pursuit of more profits which equates in my opinion as consumption that impacts the planet.

At what point does the never ending upgrade treadmill become an exercise in futility?  The latest announcements by Canon and last week by Nikon for $6000 cameras that will “make you a better shooter” has just about pushed me to my patience limit.

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What Inspires Me:  Flying Rhinos by Green Renaissance (@GreenRenaissanc)


What Inspires Me:  Flying Rhinos by Green Renaissance (@GreenRenaissanc)

Gorgeous footage, great camera work, tight editing, great audio.  Need I say more?

This is how video for the web should be produced.  Tell the viewer a story with a REAL purpose, not the pablum most deem “important”

‘nuff said.

Dynamic Audio Slideshows in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5

As I’m beginning to add audio slideshows to my repertoire, I’ve been tempted to move back to SONY Vegas Pro as the process of producing them is very easily done with advanced features. The biggest issue I’ve had with Vegas Pro is its inability to share projects with other NLE’s.  The term “What Goes On In Vegas, Stays In Vegas” isn’t just about ones behavior in the city that never sleeps.

As such, I moved to Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 in Dec 2010 and have struggled to get as efficient as I was when I edited my projects in Vegas Pro – especially in handling audio within one environment like I could in Vegas Pro.

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