Audio Slideshows are the Thinking Persons Video – Redux

I’ve been asked by @profsamuels_nyu via twitter if Audio Slideshows are the Thinking Persons Video, what is Video in itself?

I think Benjamin Chesterton of @duckrabbitblog stated it best:

with moving video, the viewer’s eye is centred – broadly, locked to the framing of the video camera. With still images, the eye roams. It stops and moves and stops and moves. Frozen gestures and expressions kick off a cognitive process – thinking – that moving images simply never do.

Something similar is true of good audio. The best audio blends reportage (‘being me, being here’) with the kind of aural cues that make audiences think and wander off down their own pathways while still engaging with the sound.

As I’ve thought more and more, I have to agree with this assessment.

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