Audio Slideshows are the Thinking Persons Video – Redux

I’ve been asked by @profsamuels_nyu via twitter if Audio Slideshows are the Thinking Persons Video, what is Video in itself?

I think Benjamin Chesterton of @duckrabbitblog stated it best:

with moving video, the viewer’s eye is centred – broadly, locked to the framing of the video camera. With still images, the eye roams. It stops and moves and stops and moves. Frozen gestures and expressions kick off a cognitive process – thinking – that moving images simply never do.

Something similar is true of good audio. The best audio blends reportage (‘being me, being here’) with the kind of aural cues that make audiences think and wander off down their own pathways while still engaging with the sound.

As I’ve thought more and more, I have to agree with this assessment.

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Audio Slideshows are the Thinking Person’s Video

Audio Slideshows are a highly effective, contemplative medium that, like all of the best forms of journalism, could open someone’s eyes up to thinking about a topic in a different way. Whereas video has become a very common place medium, used to convey the facts of what is happening in the world in a very practical, perfunctory way, a slideshow elevates the subject matter to a slightly different status. In this way, creating a slideshow is a bit like portraying something in a photographic exhibition…

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What Inspires Me: Airsick on @MediaStorm

What Inspires Me: Airsick on @MediaStorm

“Created with 20,000 photographs and a haunting soundtrack, Airsick plays out like an unsettling dream. Photographer Lucas Oleniuk examines our addiction to fossil fuel – and its consequences.”

One of the only videos I’ve seen where timelapse images are used in a proper way that tells a compelling story.  The use of b/w monochromatic images provides a sense of stark reality of just how important the message being imparted is.

More shooters could learn a thing or two about how to use the technique in a meaningful way by watching this piece.

Audio Is A Critical Piece Of The Puzzle

within the past week, I’ve come to realize just how critically important the quality of audio recording is to the success of producing quality multimedia storytelling projects.

The quality of audio that comes from NPR’s daily stories is in my opinion, astounding in how well audio itself is used to let the listeners minds eye see what’s happening, purely by the use of audio and how it’s edited/produced for the final story. Continue reading “Audio Is A Critical Piece Of The Puzzle”