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The best advice I could possibly give you, and forgive me if this seems glib, is to work. Work. Work. Work. Every day. At the same time every day. For as long as you can take it every day, work, work, work. Understand? Talent is for shit. I’ve taught school for nearly thirty years and never met a student who did not have some talent. It is as common as house dust or kudzu vine in Alabama and is just about as valuable. Nothing is as valuable as the habit of work, and work has to become a habit.

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Audio Slideshows – What Makes This Place Great


WHAT MAKES THIS PLACE GREAT is an online collection of audio slideshow stories about the people, places and things that make the Portland region wonderful. It’s sponsored by TriMet with the intent of celebrating and sharing all the things – big and little– that make us happy we live here.”

The great part about this series is how TriMet uses a subtle thread to showcase how they connect the various areas of Portland and the immediate outlying communities with light rail services to help promote cleaner air and less traffic congestion in the metro area.

What Inspires me: Great Wooden Boats by Philip Bloom

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What Inspires me: Great Wooden Boats by Philip Bloom

Shot on Red Epic, this is a great piece of storytelling with the subject telling his story and the visuals adding to that.  This is a nice micro documentary profile piece on a little known art and craft.

My only issue is the 2.35:1 aspect ratio.  For me it’s awkward to watch due to the extreme horizontal format, but otherwise a well done piece.

Adobe Ditching Flash for Mobile Devices

I’ve been known to ruffle a few feathers of those who have deeply entrenched their core business based on Adobe Flash technology – and my opinions around Flash driven sites has caught the attention of Livebooks among other companies catering portfolio based websites to visual content creators.

The reality is, Steve Jobs was correct in his vision, Flash truly is an outdated technology and needs to be put to bed for good.

Mobile devices are the defacto platform that users acquire all sorts of information.  Flash is clunky, power hungry and for the most part, brings any mobile device to an almost complete standstill.

Bottom line is this – Transition your content to html5 based video and ajax/javascript based photo slide shows.  Whether you like it or not, the changes are happening and you need to get your portfolio house in order.  I’m going to be doing that very thing as of today for my video based website content.

‘nuff said.

I think in some ways photography has become too easy…

…I think in some ways photography has become too easy. Many people don’t really know how to operate a camera and just let it make all the creative decisions. In the past, you had to work hard to get a really good image, but now it’s so much easier and that makes it much more difficult to be unique. Technology has made it less of a challenge and I think that has taken some of the magic and mystery out of photography.

John Hedgecoe

Ponderings on a Chilly Autumn Morning

Have we as photographers become so enamored with all that is digital, that we’ve lost a part of creative selves in the process?

Has the true craft of slowing down with a very limited number of shots available at a time when we were shooting analog based images given way to the pray and spray mentality that so pervades digital photography as it exists today?

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