Why I Don’t Like Flash Based Portfolio Sites

Stepping on my soap box for just a moment here – It seems ironic to me that so many photographers, who tend to be mostly Apple Mac users, would build their photo portfolio websites in Flash – a technology Apple’s founder Steve Jobs has made clear is something Apple will not support on iPad/iPhones.

Yet photographers continue to be enamored with companies that provide template based Flash driven websites for photographers.  Not only is Flash crippled on Apple’s devices, it’s not a very friendly way to display your work IMO.  Try viewing a flash based site on your iPad from companies that provide a regressed html version – the site is a mangled mess.  Not a very professional way to present your work.

I was even contacted privately by the CEO of one of these companies that specializes in developing flash based websites for photographers, stating that they offer a regressive feature to view a website in html4/5 – albeit not maintaining the look/feel of the flash based version.

My question is simple – Why does there have to be two different environments to showcase a site?  Why reinvent the wheel when it’s much simpler to just develop in one environment that is completely standards compliant and cross platform viewing compatible – and do it right the first time around?

With web standards like HTML 5, jquery, Photoshelter integration with WordPress & Graph Paper Press Themes, why would anyone choose to use Flash to develop their photo portfolio based site is beyond this photographer – who happens to use PC’s running Windows 7 and has Android based wireless devices?

Even though I could use Flash, doesn’t mean I should – or would.

I may piss off a few people in this process, but seriously – I’m just one tiny voice in the enormity of cyberspace – no one pays attention to what I have to say…

Or do they?

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